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John Ledwon's Agoura Wurlitzer

Agoura Gallery

Full view of console
Right side view of console
Key desk
Close up of keydesk
Imperial Trumpet
Imperial trumpet and a portion of the Antiphonal organ
Antiphonal organ on both side of leaded glass south windows
5 Rank Mixture
5 Rank Mixture closer view
Upper Main Chamber
Solo chamber
Solo chamber
Solo Chamber
Solo Chamber
Glockenspiel solo chamber
Solo Chamber. 3 rank Viol d’Amour in center
Wood bar harp, action from the Million dollar theatre, Los Angeles, bars from the Duluth Lycium Theatre
2 ranks of the Pedal 3 rank mixture
Upper Solo Chamber showing toy counter
Solo Chamber
Main Chamber
Organhouse Christmas Console
Organhouse Christmas Chamber Area
Organhouse ChristmasConsole, Tree Fireplace
Upper ChanberSwell Opening
Organhouse Christmas Console and Musical Fountain
Organhouse Christmas Chambers and Piano visible
Organhouse Christmas Console and Antiphonal Division shown

For anybody who might be interested here is a list of where my Wurlitzer pipe work came from…those that I know and to the best of my knowledge!

Chicago Avalon Theatre

Oboe Horn
Orchestral Oboe

Philadelphia Mastbaum Wurlitzer:

Brass Trumpet
VDO and Celeste
Concert Flute
Diaphonic Diapason
Los Angeles Metropolitan
Solo String

Los Angeles Metropolitan Theatre

Harmonic Flute 4′

Los Angeles Elk’s Club Robert Morton

Lieblich Tibia (Tibia Molis)

Duluth Lyceum


Marimba Harp Bars

San Francisco Golden West

Solo scale Tibia

Los Angeles Million Dollar

Marimba Harp action

Cecil B. De Mille Ranch Wurlitzer    

Viol d’ Amour three rank string celeste

Most of the rest of the stuff is without lineage…I haven’t the foggiest idea where it came from

Layout of the Agoura Wurlitzer.

Custom console was built by the late Ken Crome