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The Henderson Wurlitzer in Construction

Henderson Construction Gallery

Blower going down to its new home
Sliding the blower down to the chamber floor
Regulator vault on the left and blower vault on the right
Blower vault, also showing great room in background
Chamber floor with the blower vault and maintainance area visible as the depression
Pushing blower and muffler box into vault
Blower in position. Wheels replaced the felt pads. We used engine mounting brackets to support the blower weight
Blower and muffler box in the vault
Welding the steel frame for the manual chests
Frame in place with more welding being done. Strap is to make the frame square.
The infinate baffle system for The blower air intake.
The 80 pound multilayer doors to enclose the blower vault. No sound emulates from the vault even when very close to it
Doors in place. It take two people to remove them. Small square opening is air intake for the blower. The air system is completely enclosed.
Installing the 16′ Bourdon and 16′ Tuba. Diaphone chest on wall ledge.
16′ Diaphone on left, 16′ Tuba on the right Installing the ceiling brackets for the Xylophone and Glockenspiel
All 4 16′ ranks are visible in this photo, Bourdon on left, Diaphone on back wall, Tuba on side wall with 16′ String on far right. Chrysoglott is hung from the chamber ceiling.
Wes and Rolando installing the Xylophone
More off set chests installed
Most offset chests installed, manual chest barrers installed and bolted to walls and floor
Floor under manual chests is carpeted for sound reduction and comfort
Regulars in regular vault under great room floor
View of chamber with woodbar harp which is destined to be removed due to space requirements
All offset chests installed and steel chest barrers ready for 12 ranks of manual chests
Good view of the double mitered Wurlitzer 16′ Salicional Uniflex control system on right side
Part of toy counter installed
5 rank main chest in position
3 rank reed chest added to the 5 rank chest
another view of chamber with all chestwork installed
Manual chests covered to keep dirt and foreign materials out of chest pipe holes
Inspector checking on our work
The manual chests
Walk and rack boards installed Wood bar harp removed and two rank chest for Flute and Aeoline Celeste installed
Chamber view prior to swell shade installation
Swell shade frame installed
Making the Plexiglas swell shades
weights on the shades to help keep the joints tight
Completed swell shade storage in master bedroom
Swell shades being installed. Paper is to protect the Plexiglas from scratches
Pleasiglass swell shade installation complete
Another view of swell shades befroe removing protective paper
Under the manual chest after installation
Plexiglas protection removed
View of chamber before manual chest pipes are installed
Similar vfiew
Chamber with woodbar harp removed and 2 rank Flute and Aeoline Celeste chest installed
Steel framework for console platform that comes out from alcove
Drive detail for console platform
3 phase gear motor for platform
Rear platform wheels are also the drive gear
Wood underlayment floooring
Installing the rosewood step
Platform with rosewood flooring installed
Trumpet en Chamade chest toeboard with valves installed
Chest being assembled
Wiring of valves
Brass Trumpet pipes being polished
Trumpet pipes on chest as a test
End view of chest showing the 8 degree cant to the toeboard so pipes are slightly elevated on the bell end
Chest in position. The windline for the chest is about 80 feet long
The original console setter board for setting the pistons. It also shows the original specification