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Wall Models

Postal Telegraph backlighted
15″ dial
Ardis 1 model of this style
12″ dial, Bichronous mechanism
Egg Timer
Similar to Hamilton but with a different dial face.
Similar to the Picardy but no chrome ring
Similar to Egg Timer but with a different dial face.
Pandora 1
Picardy #2. 
Note the different style numerals from the Picardy 1
Postal Telegraph large
15″ dial
Postal Telegraph small
12″ dial, Bichronous mechanism
Sentinal 15″ dial Bichronous mechanism
No name for  this one but a small 9″square advertising clock for The Electric Neon Clock Co. of Cleveland, Ohio
Ceramic in available colors
No name but quite rare, 12″ outer diameter, 10″ dial face. 
Older enclosed rotor motor.