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The Henderson 3/15 Wurlitzer

Henderson Wurlitzer Gallery

The console
The console
Close of ketdesk of the console
Movable platforn that brings console into the great room
Effects panel
Organ chanber with musical fountain designed by John
Lower great room and chamber
Looking toward entrance doors. Part of metronome collection to right of doors
The upper great room and kitchen in background
Hammond with kitchen in background Trumpet en Chamade pipes visible
Upper great room. Leaded glass windows hide Leslie 122R speakers for Hammond
Organ pipes. Colors change about every 10 seconds
Similar view from side of main chests
Angled view showing upper portions of chamber. rectangular fixture are part of the Color Kinetics lighting system
View of pipes
View of right side pipes
View of left side pipes
8′ Diapason pipes with 8′ Tibia pipes behind
Similar view now showing some of the 8′ Brass Trumpet pipes
16′ Tuba
16′ Salicional pipes. Small Tibia treble chest on left
Bass and snare drum
Upper rear chamber
Rear chamber view
View beneath manual chests
4 of the regulators that regulate the wind pressure
Looking toward the back of the chamber from underneath main chests
More regulators and some of the dump valves that provide the tremolos
The VFD for the blower and a snall DMX control unit for some of the chamber lighting
Over all view of great room...note Theremin in foreground
Trumpet en Chamade
Installing pipes…4 ranks in place
5 ranks installed
8′ ranks installed